Unsustainable natural rubber poses major threat to wildlife and people

Used in everyday products, such as tyres, yoga mats, shoes and condoms – global natural rubber production is lacking the transparency and subsequent sustainability commitments to protect both people and wildlife. That is the finding of the world’s first analysis of the natural rubber industry undertaken ...

ZSL (Zoological Society of London)

Will China decide the future of Myanmar’s rivers?

Chinese companies are pushing to resume destructive dam projects, ignoring a key assessment. Much media attention in Myanmar is focussed on China’s apparent efforts to revive the stalled Myitsone dam, its role in advising the Myanmar government on developing a new hydropower strategy white paper, and ...

How better hydropower planning can avert future disasters on the Mekong

Those in power must give stronger voices to marginalised communities and protection to natural flood defences, say experts from the Stockholm Environment Institute. Keep reading ...

Myanmar-Thailand highway branded ‘ecological and social disaster’

Community and conservation groups in Myanmar have branded a planned highway linking a port project to Thailand an “ecological and social disaster”, saying it would uproot indigenous people from their homes and farms. Critics said an environmental and social impact assessment for the road project, ...

Pushing GMS food up the value chain

Conditions are ripe for the Greater Mekong Subregion to embrace sustainable agriculture and become a source of environmentally friendly produce. ADB’s Pavit Ramachandran discusses the barriers to this goal and how to overcome them.Keep reading ...

Pavit Ramachandran

Mind the hype: Despite huge potential, solar energy in SE Asia is behind a cloud

Sunny Southeast Asia has double the solar energy potential of Northern Europe, but the market hype is not living up to the reality on the ground. Thailand leads and Indonesia lags in a sector direly needed to fight climate change and meet the region’s ballooning ...

Robin Hicks

Climate captives: Life and loss in the Mekong river delta

The growing impact of climate change on the people living in the Mekong river delta is the focus of Singapore-based photographer Oh Soon-Hwa’s new solo exhibition. Submerged up to her midriff in the muddy water of a mangrove swamp, Bong is collecting her catch for the ...

New study analyses biggest threats to Southeast Asian biodiversity

Southeast Asia is a global biodiversity hotspot — but with about 4 billion people living in the region, the pressures on that biodiversity are severe. Southeast Asia is a global biodiversity hotspot — but with about 4 billion people living in the region, the pressures on ...

Fixing food loss with disruptive tech

Most wasted food perishes before it has even entered the consumer’s consciousness – between the farm and the supermarket shelf. A new initiative aims to change our food system by inspiring innovation and collaboration. The tragedy of food loss is best expressed in numbers: More than one-third ...

Indonesia’s rich list stacked with palm oil billionaires

Forbes’ annual catalog of the country’s wealthiest people reads like a who’s who of the palm oil industry tycoons and represents an example of wealth being unusually concentrated to a few oligarchs. Fourteen of the 32 Indonesian billionaires identified by Forbes magazine are palm oil tycoons, having accumulated ...

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