Southeast Asia's Road Building Spree Splinters Ecosystems

Southeast Asia is a global biodiversity hotspot, and Indonesia and Malaysia are no exception, harboring some of the highest levels of species diversity in the world. Yet those two countries also supply more than 80 percent of the world’s palm oil, and it’s widely acknowledged ...

Why Southeast Asia’s children are facing an obesity epidemic

Malnutrition is leaving Southeast Asia’s children predisposed to obesity and fatal diseases later in life. With the rise of processed foods and less active lifestyles, these health impacts are only going to get worse unless children become the focal point of change. []At the same time, ...

What the US-China Struggle for Regional Dominance Means for Southeast Asia

How are Southeast Asian countries responding to growing tensions between the two powers? []Other Southeast Asian state — like Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and perhaps nominal U.S. ally Thailand — appear to be moving toward China, preferring China’s economic incentives over the benefits of U.S. military “protection.” Keep reading ...

Mark J. Valencia

Solar Surge Threatens Hydro Future on Mekong

Thousands of megawatts of wind and solar energy contracts in the Mekong region of Southeast Asia have been signed, seriously challenging the financial viability of major hydropower projects on the river, an energy expert told a water conference last week. Keep reading ...

David Boyle

Southeast Asia needs better labor migration policies

Improving worker mobility benefits migrants and raises growth. One of the many signs of growing economic integration in Southeast Asia is a surge in labor migration.  Keep reading   ...

Shetty and Testaverde

Southeast Asia's vulnerable migrants pose an economic dilemma

A court case unfolding in Bangkok has focused attention on the lives of migrant workers in Southeast Asia, albeit with an unexpected twist. This time, an employer accused of abuse is suing its former employees. Fourteen migrants from Myanmar are on trial for making false human rights ...


Drug-resistant malaria spreading fast in Southeast Asia

A new study in the Lancet Infectious Diseasesindicates that resistance to the first-line treatment for malaria in Southeast Asia began to emerge several years before it was first detected and is linked to an aggressive strain that has spread rapidly across the region. Experts say the ...


Searching for sustainable energy in the Mekong

Southeast Asian governments are starting to wake up to the vast potential of solar energy, under pressure from civil society groups that insist it is time to get on board with a global revolution in renewable energy.[]This global change has lessons for Southeast Asia, especially ...

Tom Fawthrop

China's plan to buy influence and undermine democracy

[] To enhance its economic and political clout, China has made substantial inroads across Southeast Asia on the back of multi-billion-dollar infrastructure and investment deals like the one in Cambodia. This is how China will engage with the world for the foreseeable future. At the ...

Philip Heijmans

Southeast Asia is world's hotspot for land disputes: report

Businesses in Southeast Asia are increasingly counting the cost of land grabs, more than half of which result in delayed projects and nearly three-quarters of which lead to lawsuits, according to a wide-ranging research report. Out of a sample of 51 major land disputes surveyed across ...

Simon Roughneen

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