Foreign partners rush to take over technology product distribution chains

New powers have appeared in the home appliance & digital product market after merger and acquisition (M&A) deals, creating new alliances. Dang Chuong Linh from the Trade Institute commented that M&A activities have been developing rapidly in both the number and scale. A report showed that 525 ...

Incentives may come for solar power investments

The Vietnamese Government plans to develop solar power and discuss incentives to encourage solar energy projects in the country. Government to outline incentive options for PM’s consideration as interest in solar power investments continues to rise. Increasing numbers of investors are expressing an interest in solar power ...

Cambodia’s solar sector set for bright future

The Kingdom’s ability to produce renewable energy boosted with $30m funding from Climate Investments Funds. With almost half the population of Cambodia without access to electricity, the announcement today of $30m in funding for renewable energy projects should come as welcome news. The $8.1-billion Climate Investments Funds, ...

Chinese cash in on Thai solar power

Chinese solar companies are looking for opportunities in Thailand as an alternative growth destination to China, where the renewable power market has reached saturation point, according to BMI Research. Thailand is emerging as an attractive destination for renewable energy investment as the government looks to reduce the country’s reliance ...

Solar power on the go

Mrs Kanittha Napaworakul thought it would be interesting if she could invent equipment to solve the problem of power outages during natural disasters. “There were bad weather phenomena happening in several countries, killing lots of people, and it made me think of what I would ...

Sunlabob to implement rooftop solar at World Bank office in Laos

Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd., a venture-backed company specializing in renewable energy and clean water products, recently finalized a contract to implement a 40 kWp building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solar system on the roof of the new World Bank office in Vientiane. Keep reading ...

Wind, solar power can help Vietnam solve energy problem: experts

Greater energy efficiency and expansion in renewables could help Vietnam meet an expected 7-10 percent increase in power demand each year through 2030, experts said at a recent conference.   The country needs to tap into various energy sources, including coal, natural gas, wind, solar and hydropower, ...

Laos' Khammouane province to study solar, wind power

The development of solar and wind power in Laos’ central Khammouane province is to be investigated following earlier mixed results, an official has said. The PP Electric Company in Vientiane has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Khammouane provincial Planning and Investment Department to conduct ...

Cambodia well suited for solar, though use remains low

Cambodia has a high degree of solar radiation, making the country a good place for the renewable energy source, a report from the Asian Development Bank says. However, the number of places using it remains very low. There are potentially 134,500 square kilometers suitable to photovoltaic ...

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