Energy policy and administration

Solving Myanmar’s power problem

Stay in Yangon long enough and you’ll probably experience the electricity going off halfway through your meal at one of the city’s many restaurants. The problem is so common in the city that you might also have noticed the other patrons carrying on with their dinners ...

Agricultural producers propose lowering electricity costs

The government has been unable to resolve the cost of electricity for agricultural entrepreneurs, while the cost to import from neighbouring countries remains high. In previous years, many agricultural entrepreneurs proposed reducing the cost of electricity for their agriculture products, but the government has not ...

Việt Nam announces crude oil reserves plan

Việt Nam must reach crude oil stock levels that are equal to no less than 90 days of net imports following International Energy Agency (IEA)’s criteria by the year 2020.Keep reading ...

Fuel smuggling on the rise in Vietnamese waters

Fuel smuggling is on the rise in Vietnamese waters bordering Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand recently, partly due to the discrepancy between selling prices in Vietnam and neighbouring countries, according to the Vietnamese coastguard.Colonel Tran Văn Nam, head of the Legal Department at the Maritime Police ...

Services the next frontier in Asian energy revolution

Modern life is characterized by a constant quest for energy. Every day, we refill our gas tanks, charge our phones or replace the batteries in our devices. This need for energy can provoke anxiety when we cannot find power plugs to charge our laptops in ...

VN should move away from coal power: GGGI

Việt Nam News reporter Ngọc Bích speaks with Dr. Frank Rijsberman, director general of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) — a Seoul-based international organisation — about the potential of renewable energy in Việt Nam and what the country should do to overcome challenges in ...

PTT subsidiary GPSC plans EV battery plant

Global Power Synergy, a subsidiary of PTT, plans to set up a factory in Thailand next year to make batteries for electric vehicles, PTT president and chief executive officer Tevin Vongvanich said recently. He said the company’s board visited a battery plant in the US city of ...

Ministry suspends licensing of gas stations, oil warehouses

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced it will temporarily suspend the registration and licensing of currently unregistered gas stations and oil warehouses. New investment proposals on the businesses are also suspended. The move came as the Ministry is taking action to regulate the ...

New power sources: straw, electricity made from waste

The power provided to the entire lighting system of an industrial zone is derived from a waste-to-energy plant, while processed and packaged straw residue is sold for VND60,000 per kilo, used as material for the production of microbiological fertilizer. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Minister ...

Atomic energy generating billions of USD

Radiation and radioactive isotope applications have helped Vietnam produce more high-yield rice varieties resistant to pests and diseases, while new technologies have helped diagnose and treat critical diseases. From these applications, billions of dollars have been contributed to the economy. Hoang Anh Tuan, Director of Vietnam Atomic ...

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