Oil and gas resources

On-shore oil and gas exploration and extraction

Vietnam dealbook: Malaysia’s Mitra Energy, Thai Union strike M&As

Malaysia’s Southeast Asia-focused oil and gas group Mitra Energy has reached a sales and purchase agreement with Japan’s Teikoku Oil to acquire a 30 per cent interest in Vietnam’s oilfields in the Nam Con Son basin. Meanwhile, Songkla Canning, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thai Union ...

PTTEP to bid for Bongkot gas field

PTT Exploration and Production said on 1 June that it would cooperate with its partners to bid for the Bongkot gas field that it is currently operates, but indicated that it might not contest for the other major gas block currently run by US oil giant ...

Bid plan for gas contracts

The government will attempt to boost transparency in the energy sector by holding an auction for the two major petroleum concessions in the Gulf of Thailand ahead of their expiration dates, instead of granting existing operators the right to extend the concessions without new bidders. The ...

PVN encouraged to expand gas, oil exploration activities

Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai requested the National Oil and Gas Group (PVN) to continue to search for new sites, and produce more oil and gas in 2016. He described these activities as a key task for the sector in 2016. Speaking at a conference ...

Oil giants launch Myanmar exploration

International oil companies are kicking off exploration activities in Myanmar offshore, after completing environmental and social impact assessment surveys. Global oil giants are beginning to launch 2D and 3D seismic surveys in their newly awarded offshore blocks, said an official from Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise. Keep ...

Laos boosts hydropower, explores coal deposits for shale gas

Laos aims to sharply boost its hydropower generation to 10,000 megawatts by 2020 and is exploring for shale gas as part of plans to export electricity to its neighbours, its vice minister of energy and mines said on 26 October. Laos is among Asia’s poorest countries ...

Vietnam's oil exploitation output likely to increase by 4.6% this year

According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam`s crude oil exploitation output in 2015 is estimated to reach 17.58 million tonnes, rising 4.6% from the annual target of the government.   The ministry also made a forecast that the crude oil output in 2016 would decline ...

Vietnam cautious on plan to raise crude oil output for growth

While some officials have proposed an increase in Vietnam’s crude output to counter the falling oil prices and achieve an economic growth of 6.2 percent, the government is not yet sure if that is an optimal strategy.    The government will continue studying “all relevant factors” to ...

Ministry reveals CSR history for country’s largest oil and gas firms

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) contributions made by international oil companies operating in Myanmar have been made public for the first time, with France’s Total E&P Myanmar at the top of the list. The Ministry of Energy (MoE) has released figures dating back to 1998, on ...

Villages hope to get rich from Myanmar's oil rush

Once-quiet Myanmar villages have become oil boomtowns made out of bamboo and metal, and powered by generators. Speculators must pay both local authorities and the villagers whose land they want to drill on. And if they do strike oil, they better hope it’s not too ...

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