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Recent arrests highlight Laos drug problems

Seizures of large quantities of synthetic drugs and their precursor chemicals by Lao police in recent months point to renewed efforts by authorities to slow growing rates of addiction in the impoverished, one-party state, sources say. In a major haul on 23 July at a warehouse ...

Over 95kg of alleged elephant tusks smuggled from Africa to Vietnam

Customs officers at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi on 12 August seized 49 purported elephant tusk parts and one alleged rhino horn that were shipped from Africa. The suspicious tusks weigh 95.54kg while the horn weighs 4.76kg, customs officers said. Keep reading ...

Myanmar arrests one suspect, seeks second in record amphetamines bust

Police in Myanmar’s commercial capital Yangon have arrested one suspect and are searching for another they say were involved in what may be the country’s largest seizure of amphetamines to date, an official said on 12 August. Authorities discovered more than 26 million tablets of the illegal ...

Lao authorities free woman detained for alleged extortion photos

Authorities in Laos have released a young woman who had been detained for more than two months after a photo she took was posted on Facebook, allegedly showing police officers extorting money from her brother during a stop for a traffic violation, according to a ...

UN 'appalled' by Thailand's record jail terms for royal defamation

The United Nations on 11 August denounced “shockingly” long prison terms imposed by Thailand for insulting the monarchy and urged authorities to amend the law and release those convicted. Thai military courts on 7 August jailed two people for insulting the monarchy, one for 30 years and the ...

Thai justice minister suggests Cambodia and Vietnam join “safe Mekong” anti-drug operation

Thai Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya says Thailand and Laos are considering inviting Cambodia and Vietnam to join the “Safe Mekong” anti-drug operation. Gen Paiboon was speaking after attending the 15th bilateral meeting between Thai and Lao delegates on the joint effort to prevent and combat drug ...

Southeast Asia’s biggest-ever drug warehouse raided by Vietnamese, Laotian detectives

After months of tracing and identifying the baron of a drug smuggling ring, forces from Vietnam and Laos raided the organization last month, seizing 5.5 metric tons of drugs – the biggest smuggling case ever uncovered in Southeast Asia. Noticeably, the swoop on the huge drug ...

Myanmar Government trumpets pledges from China

Amid accusations that it caved in to Chinese pressure, the government has been at pains to show that its release in a presidential amnesty last week of 153 Chinese illegal loggers was accompanied by a number of pledges it has managed to extract from Beijing. The ...

Myanmar police seize '$100m worth of methamphetamines'

Police in the city of Yangon in Myanmar have seized methamphetamine tablets with an estimated value of more than $100m (£64m) in an abandoned truck. Police told state media that they had found almost 27 million tablets. Keep reading ...

Thai among 17 busted in Vietnam-Laos drug blitz

Vietnam has a Thai man and 17 others after a blitz on drug crime uncovered major stashes of heroin, cannabis and precursor chemicals, state media have said. Six Vietnamese were arrested in Hanoi after being caught with some 120 kilogrammes of heroin hidden inside household gas ...

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