Greenpeace proposes widespread collection fee to drive push against disposables

Greenpeace has proposed an indiscriminately-implemented collection fee as a means to eradicate single-use plastic bags and containers from disposal, as well as to establish an independent fund for rehabilitation of Thailand’s seas. The popular environmental group’s proposal comes on the heels of the deaths of two ...

Tighter control on transnational food industry required to solve haze problem: expert

A STRONGER political will is required to take action against monoculture corn cultivation both inside Thailand and in neighbouring countries, or the transboundary haze problem will never be solved, environmental experts said, as Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district continues to choke under hazardous smog. Greenpeace said ...

Pratch Rujivanarom

Fight against garbage in the ocean starts at individual level: Greenpeace

Solutions to the massive garbage “islands” floating off Thailand start at the individual level, but government policy and regulation is also needed, officials and environmentalists have said. Earlier this month, pictures of large amounts of garbage floating in the sea spread on social networks and sparked ...

Practices ‘victimise trafficked fishers’

Greenpeace has called for a permanent end to the dangerous practice of “transshipping”, which contributed to fatal cases of beriberi on a Thai fishing vessel crewed by trafficked Cambodian men earlier this year. Based on a 12-month investigation and released on December 15, Greenpeace’s Turn ...

Illegal Thai fishing hauls a possible threat to Woolworths sushi partner's supply

Thailand’s ‘ghost’ fishing fleet may have supplied contaminated seafood to Sushi Izu. Seafood caught by Thailand’s notorious ghost fishing fleet may have contaminated the supply chains of a sushi company operating in more than 165 Woolworths supermarkets. Guardian Australia can reveal that Woolworths and its fresh ...

Thai fishing industry: abuses continue in unpoliced waters, Greenpeace claims

An international crackdown on human rights abuses in the Thai fishing industry has resulted in vessels travelling thousands of miles further into remote and lawless waters, where trafficked men continue to be beaten and sold at sea, a 12-month Greenpeace investigation alleges. According to the ...

China’s three parallel rivers national park threatened by illegal mining

China’s best preserved forests in south-west China’s Yunnan province are under threat from illegal mining, according to a new report. The study by Greenpeace shows mining and industry activity in the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan protected area is destroying pristine forests in one of the world’s most biodiverse regions. ...

Greenpeace defines plan to fund solar energy use

Filipinos can easily gain access to solar energy through financing package which spreads the initial cost over the long-term while generating savings on electricity bills, Greenpeace Philippines said. The group gathered financing companies and solar providers on August 17 to connect consumers to financing options and help ...

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