Capital New Year fire destroys nine homes

The second major fire of the Chinese New Year season ripped through a poor community in Phnom Penh on 9 February, completely destroying nine houses. The fire broke out at Niroth Pagoda in Chbar Ampov district’s Niroth commune at about 11:30am, according to district governor Eang ...

Fire rips through village in capital

The Chinese New Year kicked off in tragic fashion for scores of families in the Tuol Roka village of southern Phnom Penh, where a massive blaze destroyed 97 homes on Saturday night. “We weren’t able to save anything, just the clothes we are wearing. Everything else ...

Two fires leave hundreds of families homeless

Over 1000 people have been left homeless after fires this weekend blazed through Namhsan in northern Shan State and Labutta in Ayeyarwady Region. In Namhsan on 4 February, a fire that began roasting tea leaves caught kindling next to the stove, then lit a wood wall ...

New Thongkhankham market rises from the ashes

The building that will house the new Thongkhankham market in Chanthabouly district, Vientiane, is now 50 percent complete and it is expected the whole complex will be finished by the end of this year. The modern five-storey complex and its two underground parking levels are a ...

Fire breaks out in Ho Chi Minh City slum

A fire broke out in a slum in Ho Chi Minh City on 1 December afternoon, burning out 13 houses but no injuries were reported.   The fire started at around 3:15 p.m. in the neighborhood near a small market in District 1’s Cau Ong Lanh Ward. The ...

Fires gut 24 homes in Phnom Penh

A pair of fires ripped through two Phnom Penh districts in less than 12 hours over 24 November evening and early 25 November morning, completely destroying 24 houses. According to Net Vuntha, Phnom Penh police deputy director in charge of fire and explosives, 15 of the destroyed houses ...

Indonesia fire haze hit Cambodia last month

Despite the Cambodian government’s uncertainty last month, US satellite imagery has confirmed that haze from Indonesian peat fires that has bedevilled the region did in fact reach Cambodia in October, with haze from local forest fires likely to succeed it as the dry season progresses, ...

Haze eases across Thailand's southern provinces

The haze from wildfires in Indonesia drifting into Thailand has generally improved in the southern provinces due to recent rain and strong winds. Chatchai Promlert, chief of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department, said the level of dust particles measuring less than 10 micrometres, or PM10, had dropped ...

Ho Chi Minh City smog to hang for another month

The smog covering Ho Chi Minh City since early this month will continue until at least the end of November when Indonesia is expected to put out its forest fires, an expert has said.   After lifting for a while, the thick haze is back over many ...

ASEAN chokes on haze crisis

ASEAN leaders must seek an opportunity from the worsening haze crisis to tackle the problem at its roots and show the way to sustainable development. The smoke haze and accompanying pollutants that have blanketed several countries in the region is primarily caused by the burning of forest ...

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