Energy for transport

Ministry suspends licensing of gas stations, oil warehouses

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced it will temporarily suspend the registration and licensing of currently unregistered gas stations and oil warehouses. New investment proposals on the businesses are also suspended. The move came as the Ministry is taking action to regulate the ...

No hike in petrol price during Thingyan: MPTA

The public can be assured that petrol prices will not increase during the Thingyan period, Dr Win Myint, secretary of the Myanmar Petroleum Trade Association (MPTA) said. He said this at a press conference on Wednesday at the main office of the Union of Myanmar Federation ...

NLA members face tough choices in bid to reform energy sector

The National Legislative Assembly is set for a showdown over a contentious bill to reform the energy sector with the establishment of a new national oil company. The bill will be debated in the second and final readings today, while the vote is likely to be ...

What Thailand can learn from Mexico on energy reform

As has been done for almost 80 years, Mexico last Saturday commemorated the so-called “Oil Expropriation Day”, a national holiday marking the nationalisation of the Mexican oil industry by the government of President Lazaro Cardenas in 1938. But this year’s celebration was particularly at odds with ...

Chinese-invested firm builds solar-panel plant without environmental report

JA Solar Vietnam, a subsidiary of Chinese JA Solar Group, is building a big $280 million solar panel plant in Bac Giang province, though it has still not submitted a report on the possible impact on the environment as stipulated by law. The Bac Giang provincial ...

Energy market opens up

Thailand has resumed liberalising its energy sector, opening it up to competition again after a decade of policy hiatus when global oil prices were well over US$100 a barrel. During this period, the costs of electricity and gas for the people were heavily subsidised by ...

Oil imports lift US trade deficit

The US trade deficit jumped to a near five-year high in January as rising oil prices helped to push up the import bill, pointing to slower economic growth in the first quarter and posing a challenge for the Trump administration. President Donald Trump took office ...

Export value jumps 8.8% in January as oil prices rise

Export value in January grew by 8.8 per cent to US$17.09 billion, after higher oil prices resulted in more revenue from oil by-products, according to the Commerce Ministry. The ministry on February 27 reported that the value of January imports rose by 5.17 per cent to ...

Energy giant PTT upbeat on Trump's oil pipeline plan revival

U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to revive plans for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline could spur Thai energy giant PTT to resume development of an oil sands project in the Canadian province of Alberta, the state-owned company’s chief executive said Wednesday. Just after taking ...

PTT to sell businesses under revamp

Leading energy conglomerate PTT plans to restructure its petrochemical operations in moves that would also see the sale of its propane and bioplastic business chains to subsidiary PTT Global Chemical, chief executive Tevin Vongvanich said. The proposal would be put to shareholder meetings in April, ...

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