TPP talks in Sydney end with further negotiation set for Sept

Chief negotiators from the 11 remaining member countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal agreed to reconvene in September, after three days of talks ended in Sydney on Wednesday.Keep reading ...

The next chapter for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The future of trade and cross border commerce in Asia and the Pacific and the US role in Asia’s economy were put in doubt by Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) economic agreement. The TPP was the economic arm of ...

'TPP 11' are working to save the trade deal, but members remain far apart

The remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal showed at least some level of unity in a statement May 21, but the outlook for a “TPP 11” version of the trade pact after the U.S. bailed on the deal looks hazy as gaps remain ...

ASEAN moving into RCEP

On March 14, experts welcomed recent moves by ASEAN members to agree to cut 90 percent of tariffs in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership for between 5,000 to 6,000 kinds of products over the next 15 years, saying it would fully benefit Cambodia after the ...

Oil imports lift US trade deficit

The US trade deficit jumped to a near five-year high in January as rising oil prices helped to push up the import bill, pointing to slower economic growth in the first quarter and posing a challenge for the Trump administration. President Donald Trump took office ...

US turbulence should steer clear of Vietnam trade

Bilateral trade and investment from the US into Vietnam are expected not to see drastic changes under US President Donald Trump. Michael Sieburg, associate partner at Asia-Pacific marketing strategy consulting firm Solidiance, talked to VIR’s Hong Anh about the impact of the American withdrawal from the ...

How should Vietnam behave after the US abandons TPP?

Anti-globalization and protectionist attitudes are increasing in some countries, but Vietnam still has an open economy. This means big challenges for Vietnam in upcoming days. US President Donald Trump on January 23 officially pulled out of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, a move that The New ...

As America retreats, Asia is the last hope for free trade

Fukunari Kimura, a professor at Keio University and an expert in Asian trade, indicated in a Nikkei interview that the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, a proposed free trade agreement, should be a stronghold of free trade, since the Trans-Pacific Partnership has suffered a setback with ...

Japan cold to China in TPP

Japan is cold to the notion of inviting China to join a pan-Pacific trade pact abandoned by US President Donald Trump, fearing such a step would boost Beijing’s clout and water down what was meant to be the “gold standard” for rules of trade. Nor are ...

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