Forest cover

Deforestation drivers

Mekong region faces even greater forest losses, WWF warns

Top environmental group says countries on mainland Southeast Asia need to ramp up their forest protection policies or face the threat of millions of hectares being lost to ‘development’ and infrastructure projects over coming decades. Read ...

Government rips into WWF report

The Ministry of Agriculture’s Forestry Administration spokesman Keo Omaliss hit back on Thursday at a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report that claims the Greater Mekong will lose 30 percent of its forests by 2030 without drastic action. He said the claims do not accurately reflect ...

Greater Mekong region tries to stop devastation

The Greater Mekong region, once the world’s most densely forested area, has lost a third of its natural forest cover and will lose another third by 2030 unless action is taken immediately, according to a new World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) report.Keep reading ...

Myanmar one of several countries in danger of losing its ‘intact forest’ by 2030

Earth’s intact forests shrank by an area larger than Austria every year from 2014 to 2016 at a 20 percent faster rate than during the previous decade, scientists said 20 June as the UN unveiled an initiative to harness the “untapped potential” of the land ...

Cambodia, Laos losing the last of their trees

Despite official pledges to halt the trade, smugglers in Cambodia and Laos are finding ways to illegally ship timber to neighboring Vietnam. The precious hardwood is often used in furniture factories that ship their products largely to China. []Located west of the Mekong River and covering ...


Environmental group praises Bridgestone's zero deforestation policy

Mighty Earth, an environmental group devoted to protecting rain forests and other endangered landscapes, is praising Bridgestone Corp. for the zero deforestation portion of its recently announced Global Sustainability Procurement Policy. []Demand for natural rubber has caused rapid deforestation in Southeast Asia, especially in Cambodia, Laos, ...

Rubber & Plastics News Staff

Laos grapples with its own green monsters

Landlocked Southeast Asian country facing double environmental threats of destructive dams and illegal logging.[]But logging isn’t the only threat. Of perhaps much greater concern is the plan to build a series of hydro-power dams along the Mekong river and its tributaries.Keep reading ...

Ate Hoekstra

With its Environmental Crisis, Is Laos Missing the Forest for the Trees?

Laos’ reputation as having some of the most lush and diverse forests in the Mekong remains under serious threat after a December investigation by government officials found evidence of large-scale illegal logging operations in the southern Attapeu province, despite recent efforts to end the practice. ...

Erin Cook

Southeast Asia banks urged to amend environment policy

Banks and regulators in Southeast Asia should strengthen financial-sector rules and guidelines to promote funding for environment-friendly projects in a region threatened by deforestation and climate change, the World Wildlife Fund said. Keep reading ...

Chanyaporn Chanjaroen

Malaysian government to ban export of rubberwood from July 1

The government will ban the export of rubberwood effective July 1, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong. Dr Wee said on Thursday that the decision was made to address the shortage of raw materials faced by the Malaysian ...

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