Việt Nam to test 5G mobile network this year

Việt Nam will enhance its telecommunications infrastructure, expand its broadband network and develop 5G mobile connectivity this year. Keep reading ...

Vietnam releases cybersecurity draft decree

Vietnam on Friday released a long-waited draft decree on guidelines to implement a cybersecurity law that global technology companies and rights groups have said could undermine development and stifle innovation. Keep reading ...

Why are businesses relocating data centers to Southeast Asia?

Data centres are an essential component of business operations. They are centralised warehouses (physical or virtual) used for the remote storage and processing of data and information. Most daily activities are regulated in one form or another by data centres: from energy bills to health ...

Digital media as a democratizing space in the Mekong region

With over 50 million Facebook users, Vietnam leads the pack in the Mekong. However, the ‘toxic’ material circulated through Facebook has annoyed the authorities, which asked the company to delete 159 anti-government accounts. With broader sectors active in the input and output of information, the internet has clearly democratized the process of ...

Vietnam passes cybersecurity law despite concerns

Vietnamese legislators have passed a contentious cybersecurity law, which critics say will hurt the economy and further restrict freedom of expression. Keep reading ...

Myanmar's telco revolution opens new chapter

Myanmar is three years into a telecoms boom that has changed the physical and technological landscape of the country with unparalleled speed. Since the sector was opened to foreign competition in 2014, thousands of mobile towers have sprung up around the country and more than ...

Steve Gilmore

Asean digital laxity a cyber raider’s dream

Long accused of complacency over the economic toll of cyber breaches, Southeast Asian governments are starting to make all the right noises on enhanced safeguards – but there are still few signs that the vulnerable business sector is getting the message. Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, ...

Alan Boyd

Thailand ranked 10th in Asian digital rankings

A digital talent shortage, fewer digital products and uncertain policies have put Thailand near the bottom of the digital nation index, says a Singapore-based advisory firm.Keep reading ...

Japan's Daiwa to buy into Myanmar internet provider

Daiwa Securities Group will invest nearly 700 million yen ($6.26 million) in Myanmar internet service provider Frontiir with the hope of cashing in on abundant growth potential. Daiwa PI Partners will purchase newly issued shares, obtaining a stake of nearly 10%. Founded in 2013, the ...

Thailand advised to take proactive cyberlaw stance

Thailand needs to establish cybersecurity and data protection laws in order to tackle the surge in more sophisticated cyberattacks, says DellEMC, a leading information management firm. Most countries have already endorsed privacy protection laws, but Thailand has yet to do so, said P K Gupta, global ...

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