Zeb Hogan: “Mekong Giant Fish is declining, dam will drive them to extinction”

Dr. Zeb Hogan, research biologist at the University of Nevada, Reno, host of National Geographic’s Monster Fish show, and principle investigator of the Wonder of the Mekong Project funded by USAID, visited Cambodia to join the celebration of National Fish Day at the Fisheries Administration ...

Asean May See Divisions Amid Heightened U.S.-China Competition: Analysts

In the two decades since Asean was formed, it has failed to uphold its original mandate of maintaining cohesion among its members, experts have said. The rise of China, the United States’ uncertain position on the region and instability in its member states have led some ...

ASEAN MPs Say Cambodia Election ‘Not Legitimate’

A group of ASEAN parliamentarians has said excluding Cambodia’s former opposition party from July’s general election had damaged the legitimacy of the vote. Keep reading ...

Analyst: The Mekong is a Chance for China to Improve Its Soft Power Footprint

The Mekong River Commission met in Siem Reap province last week to discuss alternative energy solutions, large-scale Chinese investment, and governance issues. Keep reading ...

Aun Chhengpor

Ongoing Mekong Dam Construction Puts Communities at Serious Risk: Advocates

As hydropower projects continue to be built along the Mekong mainstream, fishing communities living near the Tonle Sap river in Cambodia say their way of life is already changing. Keep reading ...

Hul Reaksmey

Japan Links Mekong and ASEAN to Indo-Pacific Strategy

Japan is moving to bolster its footprint in the Mekong subregion by linking the Southeast Asian mainland into a broader Indo-Pacific Strategy allied with India, the United States and Australia. In what observers say is a move to counter China’s growing regional influence, Japanese Prime ...

Aun Chhengpor

Solar, wind advances offer Mekong countries alternatives to dams, coal: Experts

Mekong Region countries like Cambodia should reconsider their plans to expand hydropower dams and coal plants, as the costs of alternative energy sources, such as solar power, are rapidly falling, a U.S. think-tank said, while improved regional grid connections can also ease growing energy demand.Experts ...

Nem Sopheakpanha, Seourn Vathana, and Sun Narin

Cambodia pushing for more benefits from Mekong integration

The government is seeking to develop ways of increasing the benefit felt by Cambodia from economic corridors opened throughout the Greater Mekong Subregion as part of ASEAN integration, an official has said. The economic corridors are intended to spur economic integration in ASEAN and boost infrastructure ...

What lessons can Southeast Asia learn from ‘Brexit’?

Keith Richburg is the director of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong. He spent more than two decades as a foreign correspondent for the Washington Post covering Africa, Europe, China and Southeast Asia, making his first visit to Cambodia ...

River of change: hydropower dams and the Mekong River’s uncertain future

From the snowy plateaus of Tibet to the mountain gorges of China’s Yunnan province and beyond to the jungled borders of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and down to the plains of Cambodia and paddy fields of Vietnam – the Mekong River is of crucial importance to ...

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