China offers cassava hope

Cambodia has marked its first Cassava Day with expectations of greater exports to China, one of the world’s big markets for the tuberous root. Speaking at the celebration in Battambang province on Monday, Commerce Minister Pan Sorasak said the government is speeding up exports of cassava ...

VN's export ratio of farm produce in decline

Vietnam’s total export turnover has been growing at an annual rate of 12.8% but outbound shipments of agricultural products have faced numerous difficulties and their annual export growth was recorded at a mere 2.4% in the 2012-2016 period. The export ratio of agricultural products, as a ...

As global food demand rises, climate change is hitting staple crops

While increases in population and wealth will lift global demand for food by up to 70 percent by 2050, agriculture is already feeling the effects of climate change. This is expected to continue in coming decades. Scientists and farmers will need to act on multiple fronts ...

Cultivation of cassava still firmly rooted

Cambodian farmers continue to expand cassava cultivation despite falling commercial prices for the crop and low international trade volumes, new data from the Ministry of Agriculture show. The total area of cassava cultivation grew 34 percent last year, with the starchy tuber planted on 771,000 ...

Battambang on course for growth

Battambang, the city at the epicentre of Cambodia’s agricultural heartland, has long struggled to reward its farmers with profits and compete in global markets. However, new logistics and economic development projects are driving a positive transformation that could see the city develop into a regional ...

The real cost of Thailand scrapping its sugar subsidy program

Thailand is ending its sugar subsidy programme after complaints that it dragged down global sugar prices. But both rural farmers and the ruling junta could suffer from the decision. The Thai government has announced that it will end its programme subsidising its sugar industry nearly a ...

Cassava export prices down sharply

The price per kilogram of cassava exports from Cambodia has fallen this year due to plunging market prices and a lack of processing centers in the country. The price of dried cassava in northeastern Rattanakiri province is down to 410 riel (about $0.10) per kilogram ...

Nan village changes farming practices to avoid burn-off woes

Ban Nam Chang village in Nan province has become a pioneer in tackling the seasonal haze problem in the North by changing its farming practices. With summer set to begin soon, farmers will soon be setting their fields on fire to clear land for the ...

A ripe market for avocados

Avocados have never been a big part of the Khmer diet, making infrequent appearances in dessert dishes or drenched in condensed milk as a smoothie. But a small local market for the green pear-shaped fruit is forming, and experts say it could be a profitable ...

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