Open Development Vietnam publishes a new topic page on Infrastructure

Open Development Vietnam recently published a topic page on ‘Infrastructure‘, showing how investment in public infrastructure is one of key driving forces for Vietnam’s economic development over recent decades. Infrastructure accounted for 53% of total Official Development Assistance (ODA) received between 2010-2017. Vietnam has heavily ...

Open Development Mekong publishes a new topic page on Gender and Infrastructure Development

Open Development Mekong (ODM) recently published a new topic page on Gender and Infrastructure Development. You will learn extensive knowledge to understand gender impacts of infrastructure in the Lower Mekong Region. A combination of cultural expectations, gaps in education and literacy levels, and limited access ...

Open Development Mekong publishes new topic page on SEZs, Infrastructure Development, and Official Development Aid

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have grown in popularity in Asia, alongside official development aid. SEZs have been promoted as being a resilient form of economic development, with the potential to involve local communities. They are targeted toward foreign investors, especially through beneficial policies and regulations. Open Development ...

Open Development Mekong publishes new story on Infrastructure Financiers

In the LMCs, the main financiers, or entities that deal with large-scale investment, include both bilateral (country-to-country) investment, like from China, as well as multilateral (investors from more than one source) investment, such as through the Asian Development Bank (ADB).  More detail   ...

Read all about infrastructure developments in Laos on Open Development Laos

The Lao government is particularly interested in transforming an apparent disadvantage of being a landlocked country into an advantage by becoming a land-linked nation. This would see Laos as a point of connection among neighboring countries, bridging the more advanced economies of China, Thailand, and Vietnam. The new ...

Open Development Cambodia publishes a new profile page on data: services and fees

Open Development Cambodia publishes a new profile page on “Data: services and fees” under Access to public services in both Khmer and English, including information on: public services for transportation, the civil registration service, service charges for electricity hook up and disconnection from Electricity of ...

Open Development Cambodia publishes a new profile page on public transportation

Open Development Cambodia has published a new profile page on “public transportation” under access to public services. The profile contains information in both Khmer and English on bus lines in Cambodia, their operating hours, bus stops and a route map.Please click here to access the public ...

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