Family, children and youth

Family, children and youth policy and administration

Cambodia’s cycle of abuse

Childhood trauma remains stubbornly high in Cambodia, leading to perpetration and experience of violence against women, which in turn leads to further maltreatment of children, completing a cycle of abuse, a new UN-supported study suggests. The study – supported by UN Women in Cambodia and ...

Earlier sex education needed to fight abuse

Public concern is once again inspiring changes to education programmes in schools, with calls for more sex education to be included in the curriculum so that children can better protect themselves from sexual abuse. Recent reports of children being sexually abused in different parts of ...

More kids in care than thought: study

Almost one in every 100 children in Cambodia is living in a residential care institution, a number far higher than previous estimates, according to a new report in the British Medical Journal. Around 70 percent of the children in Cambodia’s orphanages are estimated to have ...

Myanmar garment industry body denies use of child labour in factories

Despite recent international reports which accused some garment factories in Myanmar of labour abuses, top executives of Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association said last week that the industry did not accept the use of child labour, in line with the standards of International Labour Organisation. Some international ...

MGMA disputes Guardian accusations of labour abuse

The Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association has hit back at international news outlets over alleged child labour and labour abuse issues. Members of the MGMA have accused those news reports as “unacceptable” and “not accurate” at a press conference held on 6 March in Yangon. “Their ...

Hun Sen makes a plea for more child welfare

Prime Minister Hun Sen on March 1 called on everyone whose work related to children to be conscientious and passionate about their job. He spoke at the opening ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Regional Early Childhood Development Conference, which is being held over three days in Siem ...

Khmers rescued from Malaysia, China

Three women and a child have been repatriated from Malaysia after being cheated by their brokers or subjected to laborious work. According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Chum Sounry, the Cambodian embassy in Malaysia rescued a Cambodian woman and her three-year-old son who were forced ...

Tax perks in push for more children

Individual taxpayers can claim child allowance deductions for an unlimited number of biological children or up to three foster children under the new personal income tax structure effective from the 2017 tax year. The move, among other changes, is aimed at encouraging people to have ...

Survey counts homeless youth

Cambodia’s seven largest urban centres are home to nearly 2,700 homeless adolescents who face numerous health and education-related obstacles, according to a new study by the Cambodian National Institute of Statistics, Columbia University and Friends International. The study is the first in Cambodia to use ...

Laos battles to reduce malnutrition

Laos needs to improve its health standards and take action against malnutrition with the long term aim of ending hunger in the face of the country’s high rate of poverty. An inception workshop on nutrient gap analysis held on February 6 in Vientiane and attended ...

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