The aged

Development and assistance for the aged

Address ageing issues now, World Bank urges

Thailand’s economy will continue growing and the pace could pick up if the country properly addresses future challenges including its rapidly greying population, according to the World Bank. The Bank’s 2016 economic forecast for Thailand was raised from the 2.2-per-cent growth estimated six months ago to ...

Care centre gives elderly folk a break

As Thailand becomes an ageing society, one of the most critical issues is how frail elderly folk can be taken care of when their children have to go out to make a living.   Some have to ask their relatives to take care of their ageing family ...

Vietnam stalls policy that requires workers, employers to pay more for social security

Vietnam has delayed a new social insurance policy that aims to increase contributions to the country’s pension fund, following complaints from both businesses and workers.    The policy, originally slated to take effect this January, is now waiting for further instructions from the labor ministry and relevant ...

Ministry set to introduce social pension in January

Nonagenarians and centenarians are to receive their social pensions starting next month, the government says. The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement will provide the annual K18,000 payment to 7754 elderly men and 15,619 elderly women aged from 90 upward, a total of 23,373 ...

Cambodia to stay young as region ages: report

Ageing populations will hit Asia hard, but younger, poorer countries like Cambodia will buck the trend for several decades, the World Bank found in a massive demographic study released on 9 December. While working-age populations will shrink 10 per cent in countries like China, Thailand and ...

Vietnam will become a 'super-aged' nation in 2050: officials

Rapid drops in both birth and death rates, combined with a much longer life expectancy, have created a new set of challenges for Vietnam as its inadequate healthcare and welfare systems are failing to catch up with an aging population, officials said.    They warned at a ...

More cash sought for Myanmar pension plan

Myanmar’s Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement is seeking more money for a planned social pension program, according to a senior official. The ministry originally requested K500 million (US$390,000) in 2015-16 to distribute to an estimated 35,000 people aged 90 years and above. However, a final ...

Pensions provide small support for elderly

A plan to roll out monthly pensions for the elderly remains mired in a logistical tangle – and those who qualify could receive as little as K15,000 a year. While the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement received the green light in December 2014 to implement ...

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