New York Times

Thailand Bus Fire Kills 20 Migrant Workers From Myanmar

Twenty migrant workers from Myanmar were killed when their bus caught fire in northwestern Thailand early Friday, the police said. The workers were traveling to a factory district near Bangkok when their chartered bus was engulfed in flames around 1:30 a.m. in Tak Province. Keep reading ...


A People in Limbo, Many Living Entirely on the Water

Floating villages spread across the surface of the Mekong River’s waterways, playing host to ethnic Vietnamese whose status in Cambodian society is perpetually adrift. Keep reading ...

Ben Mauk

Deal on Rohingya repatriation inches forward, but hurdles remain

Myanmar and Bangladesh said Thursday that they had moved one step closer to the possible repatriation of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh over the past three months.More than 620,000 Rohingya, a mainly Muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar, have flooded ...

Hannah Beech

Animal farms in Southeast Asia fuel an illegal trade in rare wildlife

The tiger paced back and forth in its cage, groaning mournfully. A second big cat slept soundly in the corner, while a third stared blankly at the bars. Next to this cage was another containing three more tigers, and after that three more cages: a ...

U.S. ambassadors in Asia make final plea for dead Trans-Pacific trade pact

When hope of enacting the ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact ended in November, Max Baucus, the United States ambassador to China, was among the officials who had to grapple with disappointment. The partnership, called the TPP, was a hallmark of the Obama administration. It would ...

Southeast Asia issues a non-rebuke to China

A summit of Southeast Asian countries issued a mild rebuke of China on September 7 over its expansionist activities in the disputed South China Sea, and indirectly urged it to show restraint and not raise tensions. In a victory for Beijing’s diplomatic, economic and military clout, the ...

Myanmar forest-cutting continues despite government efforts

The hills of northern Myanmar’s Sagaing region were so legendarily thick with forests that in the days of kings, condemned criminals were ordered into the woods as a death sentence. Today illegal logging has left vast swaths of bare patches, with only a handful of old-growth ...

China denies political conditions on aid to Cambodia

China said on 22 July its financial assistance to Cambodia is in no way dependent on that country’s support on diplomatic and political issues, such as Beijing’s dispute with other Southeast Asian countries in the South China Sea. A Foreign Ministry statement faxed to The Associated Press ...

China’s last wild river carries conflicting environmental hopes

Three great rivers rush through parallel canyons in the mountains of southwest China on their way to the coastal plains of Asia. At least 10 dams have been built on two of them, the Mekong and the Yangtze. The third remains wild: the remote, raging ...

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