Fisheries production

Fish farming and aquaculture

Migration crisis looms over Mekong Delta

Young people are leaving the Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s rice bowl, while the region’s economic growth is declining. These issues were discussed at the conference about socio-economic development of the Mekong Delta 30 years after the economic reforms implemented in 1986 held by Vietnam Academy of Social ...

World body moves to curtail Japan's 'science' whaling

The world’s whaling watchdog moved on October 27 to curtail Japan’s annual whale hunt, conducted under scientific licence but blasted by critics as a commercial meat haul. A resolution on “improving” the review of deadly research programmes, which Japan alone conducts, split the 70-year-old International ...

Agro report reveals drop in state fisheries revenue

A report issued by the Ministry of Agriculture for the first nine months of this year showed a dramatic decline in government revenue from the fisheries sector, while providing incomplete information on revenue from other agricultural sectors. The report, issued earlier this month and published in ...

Climate change adaptation project launched to sustain wetlands

A project valued at US$4.7 million was launched on September 12 in Vientiane, aiming to help communities in and around the Xe Champhone, and Beung Khiat Ngong wetlands to adapt to the impacts of climate change. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s Department of Environmental Quality ...

Drought devastates local shrimp industry

This year’s prolonged drought and saltwater intrusion in the Mekong Delta has destroyed more than 81,000 hectares of prime shrimp breeding areas in eight provinces, says the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Shrimp farmers in Ca Mau Province in the very south of the country, ...

Laos' thirst for Mekong River dams imperils fishing, farming

Dismissing its neighbors’ pleas, impoverished Laos is rapidly building a Mekong River dam that threatens fisheries crucial to millions of Southeast Asia’s poorest people. Landlocked Laos is Southeast Asia’s poorest state, and all its neighbors far exceed its population of 7 million. But by virtue ...

Authorities make fresh call for aquatic life protection

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Livestock and Fisheries Department has once again asked fishermen to help preserve protected wildlife and aquatic species in Laos. The warning comes in the wake of an image of a fisherman with a giant Mekong Stingray being posted on Facebook ...

Snakehead fish farmers required to register: gov’t

Snakehead fish farmers are required to register with the Fisheries Administration as part of new regulations aimed at better governing and monitoring an industry that became legal in April after an 11-year ban. According to Hav Viseth, deputy director-general of the Fisheries Administration, farmers that operate ...

Experts urge action to end mass fish kills

Massive fish die-offs in many regions across the country recently have raised a big question about how local authorities should mitigate water pollution in aquaculture breeding areas.Last month, more than 1,000 tonnes of fish raised in cages along the Cai Vung River in the southern ...

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