Open technologies

The data commons: What lies ahead for the Mekong region?

Open data access and sharing in the Mekong is spreading. Open data can increase public participation, aid greater transparency in government, and improve resource governance, city planning or public health monitoring. A number of initiatives, both private sector and civil society, are emerging.  However, a ...

Mai Lan

Youth, tech and growth in focus at WEF meet on ASEAN

For the first time, Cambodia will host the World Economic Forum on ASEAN. The meeting, in its 26th year, will focus on how the region can harness the potential of a young demographic, as well as the transformative impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to ...

Why is climate-conscious Vietnam choosing coal over nuclear?

Vietnam’s decision to abandon its nascent nuclear power programme and turn back to cheaper, dirtier, coal says much about where the nation thought it was headed – and about where it has ended up. The move last month was a blow for the climate conscious ...

Vietnam withdrawal clouds future of Japan's nuclear exports

Japanese manufacturers of nuclear power plants likely will be forced to re-evaluate their export strategies as Vietnam scraps plans to build its first reactors and delays overshadow a project in Turkey. Hanoi’s decision was a major blow to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which had been expected to ...

Technology firms stop selling software as losses mount up

Technology firms, which have incurred loss of revenue because of copyright infringement, have decided to rent, rather than sell, software to businesses at low fees. In mid-September,  about 15 technology firms, including well-known names such as Microsoft, ODS, Vonline, Nhan Hoa, BKNS, ESC, Hostvn, and Mat ...

Why doesn't Vietnam have large businesses?

Many newly emerged businesses have been sold to foreign investors as soon as they became better known, and before they could become powerful conglomerates. More than 90 percent of Vietnamese businesses are small and Vietnam does not have large corporations which can act as pillars in ...

Digital economy a big issue for VN: expert

Building a digital economy will be very important for Vietnam to keep pace with rapid technology developments across the globe, a senior Australian scientist has said.“We are not going to create prosperity purely on hard work. It will be smart work, which is connected to ...

Technology startups: high failure rate worries some investors

More than 60 percent of startups fail and 70 percent fail in the first year of operation. Rapid-fire good news has come to the Vietnamese technology startup community. US President Obama, during his visit to Vietnam in late May, announced that 500 Startups, the investment fund ...

Thaicom told to pay concession fee to ministry

Deputy Prime Minister Prajin Juntong on 20 June told the Information and Communications Technology Ministry and Thaicom to seek agreement over the latter paying an annual concession fee to the ministry for the use of the Thaicom 7 and 8 satellites. Takorn Tantasith, the National Broadcasting and ...

Meet touts benefits of ‘Thailand 4.0’

The government is pursuing its “Thailand 4.0” project by utilising innovative technology to improve quality of life, productivity and efficiency for all businesses in the nation. The government will also come out with new laws this year related to digitisation, while the Information and Communications Technology Ministry ...

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