Space technologies

Geopolitical standoff in South China Sea leads to environmental fallout

A long-running territorial standoff over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea has seen vessels dumping enough raw sewage to threaten the marine ecosystem there — and the degradation is extensive enough to be seen from space. On July 12, U.S.-based geospatial tech company Simularity ...

Leilani Chavez

Space Satellite Captures Incredible Views of Rice Fields in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta [Video]

The Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission takes us over part of the Mekong Delta – a major rice-producing region in southwest Vietnam. In Vietnam, rice has been a strategic crop for national food security. Vietnam is the fifth largest producer of rice in the world, the majority of ...


Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to Receive NASA Remote Sensing Aid

The US space agency, NASA, has officially launched a project to provide remote sensing data to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, aiding regional environmental and population monitoring as part of a wider effort for sustainable resource management and planning in these countries. Keep reading ...

Why is climate-conscious Vietnam choosing coal over nuclear?

Vietnam’s decision to abandon its nascent nuclear power programme and turn back to cheaper, dirtier, coal says much about where the nation thought it was headed – and about where it has ended up. The move last month was a blow for the climate conscious ...

Vietnam withdrawal clouds future of Japan's nuclear exports

Japanese manufacturers of nuclear power plants likely will be forced to re-evaluate their export strategies as Vietnam scraps plans to build its first reactors and delays overshadow a project in Turkey. Hanoi’s decision was a major blow to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which had been expected to ...

Lao satellite to open for business next month

Laos’ first telecommunications satellite (Lao Sat-1) will officially start business operations in March after successfully launching late last year and is keen to sign up government and private sector customers. Lao Sat-1 officials met in Vientiane on 23 February to introduce the satellite to potential government and ...

Thaicom satellite may be grounded

Thaicom Plc’s launch of its eighth communications satellite runs the risk of being aborted by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Ministry’s fresh order to scrutinise procedures again.  Keep reading ...

From commodities to satellites: China, Laos seeing more cooperation

China and Laos have witnessed rapid development in economic, trade cooperation in the past years, evolving from simple commodity trading to a higher level of cooperation. On 21 November 2015, Laos’ first ever satellite was launched into space from Xichang satellite launching center in China. Earlier ...

Chinese, Lao leaders mark successful launch of communication satellite

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Lao counterpart, Choummaly Sayasone, sent each other congratulatory messages on 21 November to mark the successful launch of a Lao communication satellite with a Chinese carrier rocket. The satellite, Lao Sat-1, was launched on 21 November at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center ...

Mekong region gets satellite-data boost

The Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, USAID and a range of participating organizations have launched a five-year initiative they hope will transform the way in which the government, organizations, universities and citizens use data for research and decision-making. Called Servir-Mekong, the project will focus on Myanmar, Laos, ...

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