Myanmar police seize largest haul of synthetic drugs

Police in Myanmar have seized South East Asia’s biggest ever haul of synthetic drugs, the scale of which they described as “off the charts”. More than 200m methamphetamine tablets, 500kg of crystal methamphetamine and 300kg of heroin were found in raids in north-east Shan state. Thirty-three people ...

Water Becomes a Weapon in China’s Geopolitical Chess

Modern China seems to have learned the ancient master’s lesson well. It has unleashed water wars on Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Even as China’s neighbors deal with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, they are experiencing their worst drought in living memory. The mighty Mekong ...

Mayank Singh

If China won’t build fewer dams, it could at least share information

River flow downhill, which in much of Asia means they start on the Tibetan plateau before cascading away to the east, west and south. Those steep descents provide the ideal setting for hydropower projects. And since Tibet is part of China, Chinese engineers have been ...

Amnesty: Cambodia’s war on drugs led to systemic human rights abuses

Cambodia’s three-year-long “war on drugs” campaign has led to a litany of human rights abuses and the overcrowding of prisons and detention centres, human rights watchdog Amnesty International has announced in a new report. Released during the weekend, the report titled “Substance Abuses” documents the government’s ...

Deutsche Presse Agentur

Man spends 15 years on hydropower islet

Mai Van Hao, 61, has lived on the 1.5-hectare islet at the heart of Khe Dien hydropower reservoir since 2003, three years before the investor blocked Nong Son River for construction in Que Ninh Commune, Nong Son District. “When the hydropower dam was built, my home ...

Dac Thanh

Environmentalists urge Laos to scrap 'destructive' Mekong dam plans

Environmentalists have urged Laos not to proceed with the construction of another “destructive” dam on the Mekong River, a vital Southeast Asian waterway that sustains about 60 million people. Last week, Laos’ communist government announced plans for the Sanakham dam – close to the northeastern border ...

Nicola Smith

East, Southeast Asia drug markets expand despite pandemic

The market for synthetic drugs in East and Southeast Asia is growing despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with the price of methamphetamine dropping to its lowest levels as supplies surge, the global anti-drug watch group said. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) warned in ...


All coronavirus patients recover in Cambodia, no cases for weeks

Cambodia’s last patient who was being treated for the new coronavirus has been discharged from hospital, in a recovery that left the country with zero active cases, according to the health ministry. The 36-year-old woman from Cambodia’s northwest Banteay Meanchey province was on Saturday released from ...

Thais 'most anxious' over virus

A global survey by Singapore’s social research company identified Thailand as the most anxious nation during the Covid-19 pandemic as of last month, but the kingdom is also optimistic about its economic recovery. Although citizens across 23 countries are largely unsatisfied with their own governments’ responses ...

Cambodia pushes for FTA talks with potential partners

The Cambodian government is pushing for free-trade agreement (FTA) talks with potential partners while seeking Russia’s help for a Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) free trade agreement, local media reported. The Cambodian Ministry of Commerce’s Secretary of State Tek Reth Kamrong said during her recent meeting with Russian Ambassador to Cambodia ...

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