Vietnam expels Chinese man for illegal mass earthworm hunting

Quang Tri border guards have deported a Chinese man who had asked locals to help him hunt earthworms using an illegal chemical and promised to buy the crawl for a high price.   Gan DeQiang, 40, was also fined VND16 million (US$712) for his violations, according to ...

Sweet plans for future of Shan honey

Honey may soon join wine and coffee as among Shan State’s best-known local commodities, as production grows. Myanmar is set to export about 3500 tonnes of the sweet stuff this year, and experts say the “Made in Myanmar” honey label may soon spread. Rabbi Yossi Ives, chief ...

Outbreak turns consumers away from pork

Pork sales at local markets have taken a hit following the recent outbreak of blue-ear pig disease as fears have spread among consumers that the meat is not fit for human consumption, pork vendors said on 14  September. First identified in Siem Reap in mid-August, Porcine ...

Mass infection in pigs sparks fears

A new breakout of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) has taken the lives of more than 1,200 pigs while infecting some 3,200 more in three districts across Siem Reap since mid-August, a new report by the province’s Agriculture Department says. Officials, meanwhile, are attempting to ...

Laos, destination in illegal ivory trade, so far eludes global crackdown

When the authorities in Thailand recently intercepted huge stashes of ivory stuffed inside shipments of beans and tea leaves, the seizures were described as groundbreaking international police work. But there was a major omission in the operation, which took place over the past four months and uncovered ...

Cambodia is prime for first slaughterhouse

Riding the wave of rising demand for beef in Asia, Cambodia’s long-awaited slaughterhouse could not come soon enough, with an emerging middle class in Cambodia also hungry for more premium meat from Down Under. Since 2013, Cambodian company SLN Meat Supply has been building Cambodia’s first ...

Thai customs seize 511 pieces of elephant ivory destined for Laos

More than three tonnes of elephant ivory have been found at a Thai port stashed in a container shipped from Kenya, customs said on Monday, the second huge haul of tusks from Africa in less than a week. The discovery, which would be worth millions of ...

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