Public land lease

Special economic zones

Dawei Road could endanger forests and wildlife - Report

Myanmar’s lush rainforests and at least nine globally-threatened species are facing significant risks if the Dawei-Htee Khee road project (“Dawei Road”) continues without a comprehensive biodiversity protection plan, conservation experts warned. In the report entitled ‘Nature in Peril: The risk to forests and wildlife from the ...

Myanmar economic zone reimagined as export hub to India

Plans for an economic zone in southern Myanmar will be reworked by Japan into an export base to such markets as India, Nikkei has learned, in an attempt to kick-start the stalled project as China expands its economic influence in the Southeast Asian country. The new ...

Takashi Tsuji

Plight of citizens PUSHED ASIDE by progress

Looking from the West to the East, the North to the South, large-scale development continues apace across Southeast Asia, leaving a toll on people whether or not it is linked to ambitious plans proposed in Asean frameworks. On June12, Cambodian villagers had travelled a long distance and across the border ...

Piyaporn Wongruang

Mekong SEZs commit to promoting ‘decent work’ for women migrant workers

During the Mekong Migration Network (MMN) and Asian Institute of Technology’s (AIT) workshop, Jobs in SEZs: Promoting Gender-Sensitive Policies in the Mekong Region, representatives of governments, special economic zone (SEZ) management bodies, and civil society from Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand, committed to promoting decent work ...

Kokko Chinatown project sparks concerns in Tak

Border towns are often labelled as remote villages without modern infrastructure or amenities. However, recent economic policies such as the development of special economic zones and foreign investment have led to the urbanisation of these rural areas. A clear example of this can be seen in Mae ...

Assawin Pinitwong

High-speed rail project mired in land issues

The high-speed train project to link up three major airports is still mired in land expropriation and eviction problems concerning 20% of the land required for construction despite it being expected to begin operation in five years. If the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) fails to ...

Rayong residents worry EEC will come with empty promises

Rayong residents have raised concerns about pollution and the empty promises that the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project might bring. Their concerns, they said yesterday, were based on the lesson they learned from the Eastern Seaboard Development programme more than 30 years ago.  “When the Eastern Seaboard ...

Khanathit Srihirundaj

A Chinese Special Economic Zone is deepening conflict in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Resource-rich Ramree Island, on the coast of Myanmar’s Rakhine State, has remained on the sidelines of recent violence as fighting between the Myanmar military and the Arakan Army (AA) continues to intensify. But the Myanmar government’s relations with the AA are now increasingly shaped by pressure from ...

Skylar Lindsay

Turning the industrial tide

Communities in Dawei are turning to tourism as a new source of income and as an alternative to negative impacts from the industrial development that has already displaced many families and now threatens the pristine environment. Set amid fruit orchards and betel-nut plantations, the village of Kalonehtar ...

Pratch Rujivanarom

Lao Villagers Refuse to Yield Land for SEZ, Now Contend With Access Road

At least 140 families from eight villages in the Khong district of southwestern Laos’ Champasak province are refusing to sell their land or relocate to make way for a special economic zone planned for their area. Despite this, developers have begun the hasty construction of an ...

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