Law and judiciary

Constitution and rights

Weaponizing Cyber Law

Having watched popular protests, from the color revolutions in the former Soviet Union to the Arab Spring, challenge their counterparts’ power, the world’s autocrats have been adopting legal measures aimed at incapacitating civic groups, including pro-democracy movements and human-rights NGOs. Among the most sweeping measures are those enabling officials to ...

Farmers in Thailand Welcoming New Law Allowing Cultivation of Marijuana for Medical Use

Farmers in Thailand are welcoming a new law allowing cultivation and use of marijuana for medical purposes Wednesday, in an Asian first that promises an economic bonanza but also fears that foreign companies could reap the rewards. Thailand’s National Assembly passed a bill Tuesday legalizing the use ...

Agence France-Presse

Cambodia accused of 'killing off democracy' after opposition party dissolved by Supreme Court

Cambodia has been accused of ‘killing off democracy’ after the country’s supreme court dissolved the opposition party and outlawed over 100 politicians ahead of a general election next year. Thursday’s ruling to disband the Cambodia National Rescue Party, in a Southeast Asian country visited by about 159,000 ...

Nicola Smith & Louise Burke

Economic development more important than democratic reforms, IRI survey

The Myanmar people are more concerned about the economy even as they expressed satisfaction about the country’s democratic reforms, according to a nationwide survey released on Tuesday. Forty percent of the 3000 respondents in the International Republican Institute (IRI) survey rated economic development as more ...

Experts push for inquisitorial system of justice

Experts at a seminar on constitutional procedure in the organic law related to the Constitutional Court expressed the need to emphasise on the inquisitorial system over the adversarial legal system as well as allow the public to bring constitutional dispute cases to the Court. The ...

King signs new Constitution

His Majesty the King on April 6 signed the country’s new constitution – the 20th – giving it royal endorsement and setting in motion a process for the next general election, which is expected late next year. Through a court secretary, HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn proclaimed ...

Diplomats and businesses mix hope with caution on return of democracy

The International community on April 6 expressed hope that the promulgation of a new Constitution would pave the way for Thailand’s return to full democracy although some concerns remained because of restrictions on political rights and activities imposed by the junta. The private sector had mixed ...

Hluttaw to recess after budget approval

The 2017-18 National Planning Bill from the Union government was approved by Pyidaungsu Hluttaw on March 15, following a K296 billion cut from the original allocated amount. After reviewing the projects to be implemented by the ministries and Union-level organisations during the coming fiscal year, ...

Critics skeptical of new privacy legislation

Myanmar’s newly enacted privacy and security protection law received skepticism from several civil society groups that said the legislation was “incomplete” and failed to fully ensure the protection of individuals’ privacy and freedom of expression as it was adopted hastily and without public consultation. The ...

Failures at assembly pile up

National Assembly effectiveness declined last year with prosecutions of opposition lawmakers, partisan passing of laws and many assembly members visiting constituents only to shore up their vote, an election watchdog claimed on February 21. A Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia report on ...

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