Thai protests: Student leader Parit Chiwarak arrested on sedition charges

Thai police have detained a prominent student leader amid a growing movement calling for political reforms.

Parit Chiwarak, 22, was arrested on the outskirts of Bangkok for taking part in a demonstration last month. Students have held regular protests since then.

They are calling for a new constitution including changes to tough laws banning defamation of the monarchy.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a former general, says the majority of Thais do not support the protesters.

Mr Parit’s arrest on Friday was broadcast live on social media by a friend. The footage shows police reading several charges before he is bundled into a car, shouting: “Long live democracy.”

Police Major General Somprasong Yentaum told the AFP news agency: “I can confirm that Parit Chiwarak has been arrested… The charges relate to the demonstration on 18 July.”

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