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Ethnic minorities and indigenous people

Discussions Prioritize Self-determination Rights for Indigenous Data

Indigenous identity is linked to the uniqueness of their valuable cultures, knowledge, and languages, which is reciprocally tied to time and space. Activists in Thailand call for priorities on self-determination rights for indigenous data. During the events celebrating this year’s Thailand’s Indigenous Peoples Day and ...

Open Development Vietnam publishes a story on ethnic minority traditional festivals

Open Development Vietnam just published a story map representing 17 typical ethnic minority traditional festivals in Vietnam recognized as national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Festivals are an essential part of spiritual life in Vietnam, reflecting unique customs and practices ...

Open Development Vietnam launches a storybook shared by indigenous women

Part of our work through the Open Development Initiative is to support the digital rights of Indigenous Peoples in the region. Open Development Vietnam has partnered with Center for Sustainable Development in Mountainous Areas (CSDM) to develop storybooks shared by Indigenous women in Vietnam.   It’s available ...

Open Development Mekong publishes a report on "Filling Data Gaps to Support Access to Civil Rights in the Mekong Region"

Open Development Mekong recently published a report on “Filling Data Gaps to Support Access to Civil Rights in the Mekong Region.”  Data gaps impact the ability of marginalized peoples in the Mekong region to access their civil rights. Supporting them to access their digital rights allows ...

Open Development Vietnam publishes new topic page on​ "Ethnic minorities and indigenous people policy and rights"

Open Development Vietnam recently published a new topic page on “Ethnic minorities and indigenous people policy and rights.” “The Vietnamese Government recognizes 53 ethnic minorities. Most ethnic minorities inhabit remote areas of Vietnam and have their own belief systems which are heavily tied to land. The Government ...

Open Development Laos updates the topic page ‘Ethnic minorities and indigenous people’

ODL has updated its page on ethnic minorities and indigenous people, including information on the history of ethnic group classification, lifestyles, and ongoing challenges. Learn more about Laos’ ethnic people here. ...

Open Development Vietnam publishes the topic page ‘Ethnic minorities and indigenous people’

Open Development Vietnam recently published “Ethnic minorities and indigenous people” page, showing key issues impact Vietnamese ethnic groups as well as the dataset of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities in 2015. Visit the page. ...

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