Thailand’s single window to clear trade

The Thai government plans to create a single online database for importing and exporting through a national single window by 2018 as part of efforts to avoid potential corruption and bribery in processes where the state and private sectors meet. Having a single online database should ...

Fukushima peach exports recover in Southeast Asia, sparking hope for other produce

Fukushima peaches are making inroads into Southeast Asian markets in what prefectural officials see as a model case of recovery in its farm produce. Fukushima grabbed the top share of Japanese peach exports to three Southeast Asian countries last year — 73.9 percent in Thailand, ...

Minister calls for chainsaw import ban to tackle logging

Environment Minister Say Sam Al on February 6 said he would seek approval for a ban on the import of chainsaws in a bid to tackle the country’s persistent illegal logging trade. Mr. Sam Al announced his plans during a morning meeting at the ministry, ...

PM affirms ‘One-China’ stance

Prime Minister Hun Sen has told a solidarity dinner with the Cambodian-Chinese Association that Cambodia backs the “One-China policy” and will not allow the Taiwanese flag to be raised in the kingdom. This stance would avoid affecting the good relationship between the two countries. “I could not ...

Cambodia eyes AIIB loan

Cambodia will begin applying for a loan from the newly established China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank from next year in response to the current need for infrastructure development. Visiting AIIB vice president and chief investment officer D.J. Pandian met with Vongsey Vissoth, secretary of state at ...

Revenue chief upbeat on target

The Revenue Department is comfortable with its revenue target for this fiscal year as it is optimistic the improving economy and accelerating public investment will generate higher tax revenue, its chief says. Economic growth in 2017 could expand at a faster pace than the past ...

Ministry sees surge in investment

The Finance Ministry is optimistic the private sector will step up its investment to the tune of 400 billion baht next year, a crucial driving force for economic growth. The amount of private investment will be nearly half of the 900 billion baht the state ...

Ministry skips meeting on rice-pledging crackdown

The initial meeting of state agencies intended to expedite cases related to the previous government’s rice-pledging scheme failed to proceed on October 10 after Finance Ministry staff did not show up. Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya, who was to chair the meeting, said he did not know why ...

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