Official bats away Union Law concerns

Labour Ministry spokesman Heng Sour in a radio interview on on November 8 refuted criticism that the controversial Trade Union Law burdened unions with cumbersome regulations, claiming the law was merely a continuation of existing policies. On November 8, unions and rights group met to review ...

US still urging Cambodia to broaden and clarify union law

The U.S. is continuing to urge the government to change and clarify key parts of a controversial trade union law that took effect in April, including an amendment to cover civil servants, the U.S.’s international labor affairs representative said on October 5. Sarah Fox, who was ...

Top H&M suppliers called out over alleged labour rights violations

Four premium suppliers for Swedish clothing giant H&M have been called out by a local labour rights group for their continued use of short-term contracts, hampering employees’ ability to unionise and, in one case, allegedly paying workers less than the $140 monthly minimum wage. In a ...

Garment sector figures disputed

Government officials and union groups on August 23 cast doubts on the findings issued by the industry body for the nation’s garment and footwear manufacturers, challenging its claim that mounting investor concerns had forced dozens of local factories out of business and resulted in a sharp ...

Trade union law passes

The National Assembly of Cambodia on 4 April passed a contentious trade union law, just hours after a group of pro-union demonstrators and Daun Penh district security guards clashed violently outside.“They did not explain clearly what their intentions [were to retain articles in the law],” ...

Unionists arrested by undercover police out on bail

Two unionists jailed since February 2 have been released on bail by the Kompong Speu Provincial Court in Cambodia, officials said on 10 March, although they remain charged with incitement and intentional violence in connection with a protest outside the Cerie garment factory. Keep reading ...

Controversial union law set for final review

The head of the National Assembly’s legislation commission of Cambodia said he hoped to have a controversial draft union law passed “very soon” after the latest round of feedback from unions and employers during a public workshop at Parliament on 9 March. Cambodian People’s Party parliamentarian ...

Labour unrest continues

An ongoing labour dispute turned violent on 1 February after striking garment workers in Kandal province said they were attacked by security guards, while in a separate case involving labour-related violence, a prominent union leader was summonsed for questioning over a scuffle he has publicly accused ...

Business group airs union law concerns

Some of the country’s top business leaders laid out their main concerns with a controversial draft union law during a meeting with CPP lawmakers on 18 January, including a stipulation that would let only 10 people form a union at a workplace. The bill, which would ...

CPP, CNRP agree to let strike clause stand

The controversial draft union law clause requiring a 50 per cent plus one vote by members to authorise a strike will stand, lawmakers from both parties said on 14 January, though clarity is still required to define how that quorum should be shaped. The strike clause ...

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