3rd Mekong Regional Land Forum

Land tenure in Mekong forest landscapes: advancing the recognition of customary rights and responsible investment practices

Online and in Chiang Mai (Thailand), Hanoi (Viet Nam), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Vientiane (Lao People’s Democratic Republic) and Yangon (Myanmar)

Date: 26-27 May 2021

Recent global disruptions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic have highlighted the dependence of Mekong region communities on land and forest resources. More widely recognised than ever, secure tenure and access to land and forests are preconditions for the sustainable management of the resources. The 3rd Mekong Regional Land Forum will bring together reform-minded actors within and beyond the region to engage in in-depth, interactive debate on issues that cut to the core of local tenure security and community resource management. 

The sessions will take place online, with in-person events in each of the Mekong countries. All the sessions will be in English, simultaneously translated in four languages: Khmer, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnamese. Participants at the in-person events in each country will have the opportunity to debate and exchange in their own national language, while online discussions will be in English only. 

The event will use innovative tools to ensure an interactive experience and offer multiple means to share questions, answers and debate during the sessions and beyond.

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