AIDF Food Security Summit Asia 2016

Published 31 August 2015. Source:

AIDF Food Security Summit Asia 2016, Innovations and Partnerships in Climate-Smart Agriculture

Date: 8 March 2016

LocationPutrajaya, Malaysia

Overview: “The Aid and International Development Forum is the world leading platform to build collaboration among stakeholders to achieve a vision of agriculture as a driver of food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity. The AIDF Food Security Summit Asia returns for its third edition as the key international platform for leadership in food production. And this year, it’s more important than ever as we are approaching the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP21) to discuss climate change policy and practice. The Summit will gather agriculture, rural development, science & technology and environmental Ministries, senior government representatives, leading NGOs, UN agencies, investors and private sector experts, who are looking to build private public partnerships and collaborations to enhance food security in Southeast Asia.”

Why attend? “The AIDF Food Security Summit Asia 2016 is a unique platform promoting climate-smart and nutrition-smart agriculture in vulnerable and developing regions. Gathering 100 government ministries, agriculture regulators, farming associations, investors, UN agencies, and NGOs this summit will enable robust debates on innovative food production. Topics to be addressed include: agricultural policies and technologies in a world of limited natural resources and climate change; agricultural transformation and mechanisation trends; drought management and irrigation innovations; improving and maintaining good soil quality; responsible and efficient crop protection and nitrogen use; sustainable and nutrition-smart seed innovations; early warning systems for climate change resilience; trends in public and private financing of agricultural projects.” 

Full information available on the Aid & International Development website.