Monitoring and evaluation training workshop

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Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects Workshop

Description: The international development industry has grown far more competitive in recent years with donors cutting funding and demanding to see evidence of the impact of their funding. Under these conditions a strong understanding of Monitoring and Evaluation principles and tools is essential for your organization to remain competitive at to deliver the best possible results to its beneficiaries. Human Development Forum Foundation’s Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects Training course provides development agency staff with the understanding and practical knowledge necessary to meet the demands of donors and beneficiaries alike. 

The training objectives are:

  • To understand the concept of monitoring, its objectives, procedures, and how it applies to development projects
  • To understand and to be able to apply the principles and tools of evaluation to donor-funded projects
  • To be able to create and apply monitoring and evaluation tools to development projects
  • To create and utilize a problem tree, an objective tree, and a budget as methods to manage and measure project outputs.

Dates: 21 – 25 September 2015

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Early registration discount (before 31 August): ฿26,900 THB / $800 USD until 31 August 2015

Cost per participant (after 31 August):  ฿29,000 THB / $870 USD

Registration deadline: 9 September 2015

Full information available here.