1,000 elderly care centres to be set up

The Health Service Support Department plans to set up more than 1,000 elderly care centres as part of preparations for the nation’s ageing society. Department spokesman Pattarapon Jungsomjatepaisal said on December 18 the agency is working on the project to establish the centres across the country. The centres will be launched under a Public Health Ministry regulation which is in the drafting process under the Health Establishment Act. The draft is expected to be completed next year. The elderly centre project is also part of the government’s measures to cope with the country’s ageing society in 2025. Currently, more than 10 million Thais are at retirement age (about 14.9% of the total population), according to the department. Dr Pattarapon said the elderly care centre development subcommittee, comprising representatives from relevant public and private sectors, will be set up. Research on health care for old people will be conducted in order to enhance the centres to meet international standards. 

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