A water diversion project that China is funding in Thailand is raising eyebrows

Plans for a new water diversion project in Thailand are alarming environmentalists. And a Chinese state-owned firm offered to finance it, raising flags with those who fear China’s growing influence.


In Thailand, plans for an ambitious water diversion project are raising lots of questions from environmentalists and from others who question a Chinese state-run company’s offer to pay for it. Michael Sullivan reports.

MICHAEL SULLIVAN, BYLINE: The Thai parliament sits on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, and that’s where I meet the project’s chief proponent.

VEERAKORN KAMPRAKOB: I’m Mr. Veerakorn Kamprakob, the chairman of the subcommittee of Chao Phraya watershed.

SULLIVAN: And that watershed, he says, has a problem – not enough water for agriculture or industry or to combat saltwater intrusion from the Gulf of Thailand.

KAMPRAKOB: Right now, we are in the situation that we don’t have the water for what we need.

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