ACIAR extends support to forestry sector

The Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research is ready to continue assisting people’s tree plantings in northern Luang Prabang province and will also extend support to the wood processing sector in Laos. The extension in support comes after the ACIAR project achieved success in the period from 2012-2016, working in Luang Prabang province’s forestry sector to support local people to plant over 15,000 hectares of teak (Tectona grandis), eucalyptus and other traditional trees. Luang Prabang provincial authorities provided the permission and facilities while the plantings were undertaken on local people’s land. The Australian government provides US$2 million for ACIAR’s work while the Lao government received some US$800,000 of the funds for use in training courses for factories and the purchase of peeling machines. The funds will also go towards research being undertaken by the Faculty of Forestry. Acting Head of the Faculty of Forestry, Dr Latsamy Boupha said they were able to provide the technical officials of ACIAR with assistance in teaching local processing factory operators how to use the peeling machines.

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