Behind the screen: The anecdote of cyberbullying in Cambodia

Scrolling on Facebook for only a few seconds, one is likely to be exposed to mean or indecent comments. A young Cambodian woman whose Facebook name is Belle Lizzy said people have critcised her appearance.

“I got many mean comments on social media about my acne scars. I felt horrible and didn’t want to show my face to anyone,” she said. “They kept saying I’m not clean or don’t take care of my hygiene enough”.

Belle Lizzy revealed the truth is that she has a hormone problem that caused acne since puberty, so it was cruel for others to blame her for the problem. It led to the loss of her confidence and it took years for her “to be myself again”.

Many social media users are receiving indecent messages in their inboxes. A young female Cambodian, who asked to remain anonymous, said many “psychos” have been sending her vulgar pictures and comments via Facebook’s Messenger.

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Taing Rinith