Bosch backs Thai 4.0 push

The government’s Thailand 4.0 initiative has provided a tremendous business opportunity for German Bosch Group to roll out its smart solutions to all key industries, the chief of the company said. “We welcome and are happy with Thailand’s direction to transform into a digital economy,” Joseph Hong, managing director of Bosch in Thailand, told The Nation. Following the global trend, Bosch is going with the so-called three “S” strategies – sensors, software and services. These are the key components for a “simply connected” strategy. In addition to this, Hong added that his company was one of the leaders in making micro-electromechanical systems (MEM) sensors, which allowed the reading of many things and was a component enabling interconnectivity.  “Actually, three out of four cellphones in the world have Bosch’s MEM sensors inside and they are being connected to everything,” the Bosch executive explained. 

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