Cambodia’s democratic journey: Upholding sovereignty and fostering progress

PHNOM PENH – Cambodia’s struggle for independence and its subsequent tumultuous experiences have profoundly shaped the country’s approach to peace, stability, sovereignty and democracy in the Cambodian way on the basis of these experiences, histories, identities and practices. From the legacy of the colonisation to the devastating Khmer Rouge regime, and the subsequent efforts to rebuild the nation, each event has left an indelible imprint on Cambodia’s political landscape.

Essentially, at the heart of Cambodia’s pursuit lies sovereignty – the cornerstone of a nation’s self-determination and independence. Sovereignty represents a state’s authority to govern its territory, make decisions and exercise control over its affairs without external interference. Given Cambodia’s history of foreign interventions and occupations, the preservation of sovereignty has been a paramount concern. Protecting and upholding national sovereignty has been viewed as an essential prerequisite for Cambodia’s development and stability.

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