Champassak to forge ahead with Mekong management project

Authorities in Champassak province are confident that the Mekong River Integrated Management Project planned for Pakxe city will soon resume now that the Ministry of Finance has submitted a request for an additional loan to complete the first phase of the Landslide Protection Project.

Officials in charge of the project said the loan request had been approved by the Lao government, with the money expected to come from South Korea’s Economic Development Cooperation Fund.

The Fund is financing the construction of a 0.3-km landslide prevention embankment along the Sedone River which has been affected by flooding.

A flood protection embankment will also be built, together with 6.8 kilometres of drainage channels. Paving will be laid along a 13.5-km road alongside the embankment and a 2-km road bordering a park will be upgraded.

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