China builds nuclear power plants in border areas, Vietnam takes action

Agencies are planning to build an environmental monitoring system to control possible radioactive substance leakage from large-capacity energy reactors built by the Chinese and located 300 kilometers from Hanoi. More nuclear power plants located close to the Vietnamese border have been built in 2016, some of which have become operational, including one just 60 kilometers away from Vietnam’s Mong Cai area and one on Hainan Island.  Sources said that China is gearing up with a plan to increase nuclear power capacity to 40GW by 2020.
If accidents occur in winter, the radioactive substances to be emitted from the nuclear power plants will go down south towards Vietnam rather than to the Chinese mainland. If radioactive substances fall to the ground, absorb into the earth and sea, they will affect groundwater and food. Some substances only disintegrate by half after 30 years.

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