China ITS : can be sued for choking Mekong

China is blighting millions of Southeast Asians by choking the Mekong River. It can be sued before the United Nations.

Reparations and sanctions can be extracted under international pacts. Beijing communist rulers’ global excesses amidst COVID-19 pandemic will isolate China.

Eleven dams on China’s side of the Mekong have dried up farms downstream in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. River diversion worsened the effects of drought since 2019. Water levels last March were at the lowest in six decades.

Thai rice, fruit, vegetable and inland fisheries yields dropped by a third along Mekong distributaries. Cambodians’ main source of protein dwindled.

Salination is ruining Vietnam’sMekong Delta as seawater enters parched outflows. Belittling scientific evidence, Beijing insists it’s all due to drought that has affected three Chinese provinces as well.

It refuses to join the four neighbors’ Mekong River Commission (MRC). Doing so would oblige Beijing’s commissars to release Mekong waters, over which they claim exclusivity.

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