City takes steps to control noise levels

Vientiane authorities will impose a new legal measure designed to control noise as part of efforts to transform the capital into a more peaceful and socially-ordered city.

Mayor of Vientiane, Dr Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune, on September 19 endorsed the capital’s decision to limit the noise emanating from seven sources.

Under the decision, which comes into effect in the middle of this month, capital authorities will regulate noise levels at places of entertainment, during festivals, and noise caused by firecrackers and vehicles. In particular they will focus on noisy motorbikes ridden at night by young street racers.

The level of noise at construction sites and factories and from barking dogs will also be monitored and controlled under this regulation. Although seven types of noise will be subject to regulation, special attention will be paid to three sources, with noise makers obliged to strictly comply with the guidelines issued by the relevant authorities.

The government has already stated the level of noise that business owners may create on their premises, especially those operating entertainment venues. The decision by the Vientiane authorities is aimed at empowering the capital’s officials to enforce the rules.

With regard to the use of firecrackers on festive occasions, event organisers must get permission from local public security officials so that order can be maintained.

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