Collapsed dam rebuilt 2 years after catastrophic flood

Attapeu province: The Xe-PianXe-Namnoy hydropower project in Attapeu province has rebuilt a saddle dam at the reservoir after the previous one collapsed two years ago, causing a devastating flood.

Project officials told visiting reporters on Wednesday that a new dam had been built not far from the original structure which failed, unleashing a wall of water that submerged numerous villages in downstream Sanamxay district.

The dam collapsed after several consecutive days of heavy rain. It was made of soil and was unable to withstand the pressure as the volume of water built up behind it.

“The new saddle dam is made of concrete. It is solid and strong and has been built under the guidance of specialist engineers from international energy companies,” officials said.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines DrSinavaSouphanouvong also visited the hydropower plant on Wednesday to inspect the standard of construction and to reassure communities living downstream of the dam that they were safe.

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