Cybersecurity key for Vietnam’s digital transformation

Vietnam considers digital platforms as a way to accelerate national digital transformation, considering cybersecurity a key factor to create digital trust and Institutional reform the decisive factor for digital transformation.

Vietnam Security Summit 2020 was held in Hanoi on November 10 by the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission and the Ministry of Information and Communications. Featuring the theme ‘Cybersecurity in the AI and Big data era’, the summit shed light on the latest security trends and considerations for digital governments and modern-day enterprises, including national critical infrastructure defence, next-gen enterprise cyber protection and customers’ data assurance.

Digital transformation has led to an increase in the number of internet of things devices and generated a large amount of data. While data had become an important resource of the country, of each organisation and individuals, the risks of information and data theft and destruction were also increasing.

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Samaya Dharmaraj