Deforestation and greater risk of flooding set off environmental alarms in Vietnam

The recent, devastating floods highlight the fragility of the country’s natural environment. Deforestation, expanded farming, timber harvesting, and hydroelectric dams are the main culprits. In four years, 7,300 hectares of forest have been lost. So far, about 800 large, medium and small plants have been built with another 450 on their way.

Recent floods in Vietnam caused by typhoons and tropical storms have had a devastating impact in terms of lost human lives, environmental damage, and economic dislocations, highlighting the fragility of the Asian country’s environment.

Frequent and violent weather events worry both environmentalists and the affected communities more and more.

According to Vietnam’s Forest Inventory and Planning Institute, the main factor is deforestation and the conversion of entire forests to farmland, timber harvesting, and the large dam and hydroelectric plant construction.

Among the most affected areas are the central coastal region and the central Highlands, scene of the recent devastations.

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Nguyn Hung