Denmark committed DKK35 million to support Myanmar’s 5 year Climate Adaption Programme

Coastal communities in Myanmar are extremely vulnerable to the impact of climate change and highly exposed to severe natural weather events such as heavy rain, storm surge, floods and cyclones.

To help Myanmar respond to those natural challenges, the Forest Department, with the support from Denmark, is implementing a 5-year climate adaption programme that commenced in 2018 to strengthen the resilience of the coastal communities in Rakhine State and Thanintharyi Region through the sustainable management of healthy mangrove forests and access to livelihood opportunities.

Denmark has committed DKK 35 million to support the program that runs until 2023. To date, 750 acres of mangrove forests have been rehabilitated and 31 communities in 5 coastal districts have established resilience plans, including support to specific livelihoods activities.

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Zazithorn Ruengchinda