Ecotourism Community Builds Mangrove Walkway

Teuk Chob Khnar Por ecotourism community in Seam Reap is building a kilometer-long wooden walkway across the mangrove forest to boost tourism but is short of funds and manpower.

The area in Khnar Por commune has freshwater mangrove trees growing on 98 hectares out of 1,022 hectares.

Community leader Doeum Dun said the walkway was replacing one which was dilapidated. Construction started in April. It is 80 percent complete but the community is short of resources to finish the job.

“We are facing some challenges such as running out of money, and the workers are also farmers, so they have to work on their farms and take time to build the walkway,” he said.  Sometimes his team also needs to take part in meetings with departments about community development. 

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Po Sophea