Ensure Mekong River projects don’t harm riparian countries: Vietnam

Hydropower projects must not affect people’s lives in riparian countries negatively, Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Thursday.

Le Thi Thu Hang was responding to a query about Laos’s plan to build another dam on the Mekong River at an online press meet.

“The development of hydropower projects on the Mekong River’s main flow needs to ensure that they cause no negative effects, including transborder impacts on the environment and socio-economic life of riparian countries, especially those situated downstream, in accordance with international customs and regulations set out by the Mekong River Commission (MRC).”

Laos is preparing to undertake prior consultation for the Sanakham hydropower project, the MRC said on Monday. The project, which would cost over $2 billion, is expected to begin construction this year and finish in 2028. The dam expects to operate continuously, all-year-round and produce 684 megawatts of electricity. The energy generated by the project will mainly be sold to Thailand.

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