“Exceptionally Low” Flows in the Mekong River Pose Serious Threat to SE ASIA’s Largest Lake of Tonle Sap

Mekong countries are being urged to share data in regard to their dam operations as they are being suspected to contribute to these exceptionally low flows of the river, besides weather anomaly.

The Mekong River has experienced the situation called by the regional water regulating body of Mekong River Commission as the ”exceptionally low” flows for the second consecutive year after the body’s latest hydrological situation report has concluded.

”Dry season flows in the Mekong mainstream over the last two years can therefore be characterised as ‘exceptionally low’, ” the report notes.

The report has explored hydrological conditions in the LMB during January-July 2020, following the unusual drops of water levels since mid last year, one of which hit the lowest on record since 1992, which was ever the year with the lowest flow on record of the Mekong’s late dry season and early flood season.

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