Gender Equality Advocate Retires, Paves Way for Second Wave of Activism

Ros Sopheap was sipping ginger tea and lemonade in July when she decided to retire after more than two decades of activism that pushed for gender inclusivity and women’s empowerment. She will step down as the head of Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) later this year.

The activist, 60, moved from being an official at the Ministry of Information in the mid-1990s to founding GADC in early 2000 to advocate for gender equality and inclusion of women into positions of power. She has also researched and helped increase people’s understanding of gender-based violence and worked to reduce its prevalence.

Ros Sopheap said it has been a steep path to advocate for what she and GADC believe in, as well as a lot of personal development for her.

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Hean Socheata and Sokummono Khan,VOA Khmer